So who is this girl?

Assistant • Aspiring Producer

At the age of two, Julia Finder was under the impression that when you turn five, you got to go to Disneyland. Her parents, not wanting to crush her world view, complied. Julia fell in love with a lot of things, but mostly a parade. This wasn't JUST a parade; it stopped right in front of her, pixies appeared out of nowhere, and Disney characters puller her up to dance. The Genie filler her hands with pixie dust. The floats lit up and the music surrounded her. In that moment, Julia knew that magic was real. A few months later, Disney stopped running the parade.

Julia at Disneyland at the age of 5. 

Just like any five-year-old, Julia decided she was going to become the president of Disney to bring back the parade. This meant she did a lot of studying: reading books, watching movies, analyzing the competition. Every school project from kindergarten to senior year of college could be pulled back into the entertainment world. Julia held on to this goal for a very long time. Studying Disney wasn't just about a parade anymore. It was about learning the art of storytelling, learning about the business of entertaining, and finding her place in that world.

Julia no longer is working towards reviving a parade, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her sights set high. As an aspiring producer, writer, and storyteller, no project is too big or too small.  Her biggest strength is her passion and creative empathy. Don't worry. That doesn't mean she's an overdramatic diva. It means she loves working on projects that give glimpses into places, people's lives, and the beauty of the world. 

Julia and her friends, Cinderella and Michelle. This picture is mostly to answer the unspoken question: Yes, Julia still likes Disney.

Julia is a freelancer based in Los Angeles. She is a great asset to have on your production team, and wouldn't mind traveling to work with you. Her credentials start with a Bachelors in Business Management and Anthropology (and yes, she knows that's an odd paring). From there, they go on to show five years of customer service and several production companies.  With vast interests from science to history to the St. Louis Cardinals, she's great fun for conversation, too. Others have described her as high energy, hard-working, and not your average employee. 

Let's be real, Julia would love to work with you. To find out more about her credentials, visit her resume or linked in page.