There's an app for that

One of the problems I deal with a lot is having too many ideas and forgetting to write them down. So I thought I'd share an idea I had for a web series. I threw myself into the world of app dating this past summer, and I thought there were a lot of fascinating cultural quirks. I wanted to capture that and came up with the following:

Episode 1: Downloading
Our main character is a girl in her mid-twenties. She starts off being against using the app for herself, but one by one interactions convince her to download the app. For example, She's at a wedding and the couple met online, a friend talks about how fun it is to swipe left and right. The last moment is our girl giving in and downloading the app. 

Episode 2: Overthinking
Our main girl sits on a couch, having just finished creating her profile. She swipes a few times, and starts to get addicted. She keeps it up, and we see her sitting at different angles swiping. Then she starts a narrative out loud of her thoughts, wondering if she's being too shallow or stereotypical in her types. She then starts commenting on matching

Episode 3: Dating
Here we see our main girl making plans to go on dates. She has several guys who ask her out, and she says yes. Then it's a montage of terribly dates. Each one has a different quirk. One giy judges her food choices, one is overly religious, one guy is openly racist and sexist, one guy mumbles so that you can't hear him. She's frustrated when suddenly a conversation starts going really well. 

Episode 4: Ghosts
The next day, the girl is telling a friend about how great her date was. She sends the guy a text and then tells the other guys that she wasn't interested. Throughout the day, she keeps hot hearing back. She starts to question ghosting. 

Episode 5: The Dating Zone
The girl obviously has lots of friends, and a guy friend comes to her to talk about how she's looking for a boyfriend but he's always been nice to her. 

As I was dating, so many people talked about "the rules" or how things work. If this was successful, I would love to do it from the point of view of a guy. As we develop more ways to meet and get to know people, I think it's the job of the media to explore that and help get the dialogue started. 

If you'd be interested in working on this or have any ideas, be sure to let me know!