I was looking up writing prompts and found one that really sparked my imagination. As soon as I started writing, I could see this as an animated short. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it.


INT- Craft Closet Yarn Shelf


We see CHAD, a brown ball of yarn, sitting with his brother and sisters. They are in a closed craft closet, on a shelf together.


My name is Chad. I’m a ball of yarn. I’m a lovely tree bark brown. At least, that’s what my label calls me. I live a pretty simple life. I share the shelf with my brothers and sisters. We’re a pretty diverse crowd. From blues to pinks to rainbows to me. Every day, we wait for the Old Lady to come and take one of us away never to return again.
That sounds really bad. It’s not something we fear. I promise. We actually really love it.


An OLD LADY opens the closet doors and examines the yarn. She pulls one out, examines it, and puts it back. She picks up a different ball of yarn, and closes the doors. We see her go through the steps of knitting scarves, sweaters, etc.


CHAD (V.O. cont)

You see, when we get chosen, we know we’re going to become part of something really cool. She picks us for something very special. We become scarves that face the harsh wind so you don’t have to. We face the stench of feet so that you can be warm. We form those quilts that keep babies warm at night. We go on to something special. And each day, I hope it’s my day.


We see the Old Lady continuously opening the closet to pick a different ball of yarn.


CHAD (V.O. cont)
I don’t mind. Too much. I’ve been here for a lot longer than anyone else. But my day is coming.


Chad remains on the shelf, looking hopeful.


INT- Craft Closet- morning.


Light comes in through the crack of the door. The yarn is sitting on the shelf, with a few different colors. Chad is still there, asleep. He wakes up as the closet doors open.



It’s a new day. It could be anyone!


The old Lady grabs a grey, then puts it back. She picks up a purple, smiles and goes to close the door. Chad looks sad. Suddenly, the old woman turns around, tucks the purple yarn under her arm and looks at the different yarn colors. Suddenly, she grabs Chad. Chad lights up.



It’s time! She picked me. She actually picked me!

I can’t believe it.


The lady closes the closet and sets them in a basket next to a chair. She picks up the purple yarn, leaving Chad to sit in the basket.



I can’t believe this. It’s my day. I wonder if I’ll be a scarf. Or maybe a sock. I’m not a good color for a sweater. Maybe I’ll be a hat! No probably socks.


A shadow appears over Chad. He looks up to see CAT.






Why hello there.


The cat picks up Chad with it’s mouth and runs out of the room.



What’s going on? Why is it so bumpy?


The cat carries Chad into the next room and drops him on the floor. The cat starts playing with the yarn. Chad is batted around, his world toppling around.  Chad looks horrified and fears for his life. The constant moving and hitting is terrifying.




Oh no. Ah. Stop. No. Ah. Help.

Help! No. Help! Please.


The cat continues to play, Chad’s string starts to unravel. The cat stops batting the ball, and bats at the unraveled string. Chad braces himself for another assault, but the cat walks away.




What just. How could. Why?
(In Horror)
I’m ruined.


The cat jumps back at Chad, and starts playing with him. Chad becomes more unraveled and more disheveled. His fear becomes apparent.



No. Nooo. Make it stop. Please. Please.

No more. I’m sorry. Please.


The cat had Chad in his mouth, but the shaking stopped. Chad and the cat start rising into the air.



There’s my yarn. Silly kitty.


The Old Lady takes Chad away from the cat and puts the cat on the ground.






(to chad)

I’ve been looking for you.


The Old Lady takes him back to the chair.



She could never use me now.


The Old Lady carefully rewraps the stray string and smiles at Chad as she sets him down next to her.



There we go. Perfect.


The old lady slowly picks up the end of the string and starts knitting with Chad. Chad’s tears turn to surprise. The Old Lady continues to knit, and Chad fills with joy. Each stitch she makes is an honor. Eventually, Chad is turned into a handsome blanket square. The Day turns to evening. The woman finishes the last stitch and looks at Chad the blanket.







INT- Nursery – DAY


The nursery is jungled theme, making Chad’s brown color a perfect match. Chad is spread across a baby bed. He is ecstatic. The baby is brought into the room. It lays down, and falls asleep while its fingers clutch Chad close to it.