When your cousin gets married...

So I'm not the best as physically making videos. I'm the first to tell you that I'm not going to always get the right shot, I'm not going to always know how to get the perfect lighting. Etc. But I know just enough that the average person thinks I'm pretty great. 

So when my cousin started planning his wedding, he asked me to do a video for it. I had done an interview style slide show for my sister's wedding, and he and his fiance really loved it. They wanted something like that for their wedding. So I spent some time and made it for them. 

Normally, I wouldn't show off this video to just anyone. But I felt very proud of it. It's not perfectly colored, and there are plenty of things I could change looking back, but I really love it. I got to celebrate the story of two really important people in my life. THEN I got to find the best music and pictures to help them tell that story. For me, this was such a fun reminder of why I got into video production. 

I did the interviews then edited together a basic script from that. Then the fun began.

I have been known to spend hours finding the right song for a project. So imagine my frustration when I have to pick enough music for five segments. I asked the couple for their favorite songs, and went from there. I spent a lot of time paging through youtube videos. There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding the perfect sound. The feeling when the tempo of a song matches the tempo of a scene.

Then I got to coordinate pictures with the music. I loved finding small ways to reinforce the message. One of my favorites is when Tori says "he just gets me," we see a picture of JP pointing to her. It was for a wedding, so I got to be cheesy with it. I even got to do a silly stick figure cheap animation to show a fake proposal. 

It's so easy to think that the only stories that should be told are the ones that fill a full length movie or the pages of a book. The story of Tori and JP won't be a major motion picture. It won't be the plot of a best seller. But their story was so much fun to capture. Those every day stories matter just as much.