Running Away for the Summer

Hello there! It's been a bit since I've updated this website. Which I worry makes it seem like I'm not involved in the industry. But I am. I have done a lot of fun small side projects. For example, I was on set for Two in the Bush, which was a feature shot in 10 days. Yes, 10 days. Everyone was amazing and on track. I definitely learned a lot. Then I'm helping produce a feature called "Trick and Treat." I live in a different city than the main crew, so it's been an adventure and a lesson in communication. But I love everyone working on the project. 

The main reason I'm writing this is because I've decided that this summer I'm going to be taking a break instead of hitting the pavement. I'll be moving to LA in August, and I want to hit the ground running once I get there. So I'm going to spend some time catching up on my watch list and getting some sleep. I'm ready for some exciting new adventures. How can I be expected to produce exciting content if I don't also have exciting adventures under my belt? 

So if you are reading this, hang in there. I'm taking a break; I'm running away for the summer, but I'll be back with a lot more focus and stories.