Trapped in an Airport: A story in facbeook statuses.

I was lucky enough to visit my sister in Dublin while she's away at Grad School. I very humorously (and exhaustingly) got stuck in the airport due to severe weather on the East Coast of the United States. The following is a record of my facebook statuses on the situation:

Nope. Nope. I don't want to go back. Get me off this plane! I've made a mistake!

Update: JFK shut down and my flight got cancelled. This happened after they boarded us. I guess you should be careful what you wish for.

Update: I've spent over 24 hours (with a 7 hour hotel break for sleep) in the Dublin airport. Today was a no go. Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Third day's a charm, right?

Third day was not a charm. Spending the evening seeing a show with my sister. Tomorrow, I try again.

...I mean... you know. Whatever.

You guys. I had no hope today. None. BUT not only did I get to the States, I managed to snag one of the last seats flying out to LA. I may be getting in at 2:30 am, but I don't even care. I assume this was due to all the prayers, good vibes, and crossed fingers sent my way. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

My feelings on airport terminals:
Dublin Terminal 2: so freaking cold, but great wifi.
Heathrow terminal 3: Warm but shit internet and very crowded
JFK terminal 3: Obnoxiously loud fire alarm, but good surprise company.
LAX terminal 5: why were ALL the bathrooms being cleaned at the same time?
Overall, would not recommend getting stranded in airports for 5 days again.

Before leaving, I gave my keys to Stevo's visiting friends, so I was keyless. This was ok, because by the original plan, I would ask Stevo to pick me up. Expecting to not make it on the last flight of the night, I ask Stevo what he's working the next day. He's working overnight until 5, then off the rest of the day. BUT THEN, I get on the flight that gets in at 2:30 am. So it's not ideal, but Denny's a block away is open 24/7. I get into LA, wait for my bags, grab an uber, and get to Denny's. It's closed. So it's 4 am, raining, and I'd been awake for 27 hours. I find out that Starbucks is open. I get there and get a hot chocolate. And low and behold, Stevo got off early and I got back to the appartment by 5 am.
Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no greater feeling than your own bed and a snuggly puppy.

I'm sharing this because it was a pretty basic story, but so many people felt the need to engage with me as it was happening. I think there is something special, even in the most basic of stories.