Day and Night

Prompt: The Earth does not rotate. One side always faces the sun and is always day. The other side is always night. 

She looked up at the stars. Most people liked to eat in the Sun dome. It was warm and bright, and there was grass patios for picnics and a fake blue light to make the ceiling look like the sky. The temperature was controlled so it always felt comfortable. On special days, they'd set up a big stage for celebrations. But Alice preferred the outside. The air was cool, almost chilly. The darkness was a nice break from the bright lights in the compound. She knew they needed the lights to function, but they almost went overboard. The lights and the screens and everything inside was bright and jarring. Everything was artificial, fake. But the stars. The stars were hope. She knew from school that the stars were millions- no billions of miles away. But they were the closest thing she had to seeing the sun. And so she sat there eating her sandwich, staring up and etching their sparkle into her mind.

Phillip wiped away the sweat. It was hot out. But that wasn't anything new. The sun never set, so how could the farm cool down outside of rainy season? It was afternoons like this that Phillip wished he had been born by the ocean. At least they got cool breezes. But no. He had been born into the farmlands where technology wasn't allowed. The earth's rotation had started slowing down, then completely stopped, and chaos ensued. The world's governments banned together; it was a matter of all humans needing help. They had to find a way to feed and employe everyone, so most of the land in the sun was used to grow food, which meant they needed lost of farmers to work it. Once families were placed, it was hard to move out of your position. And so away he went, preparing this field to plant corn, the sun beating down on his body. He moved almost instinctively, until the whistle blew, signaling the change in shifts. He shuffled back to his single room cabin, closed all of the black out curtains, and let gravity pull him to his bed. Tomorrow he would start all of this again.

Alice woke up peacefully as the sun lights started to mimic sunrise. It wasn't a special day, but she arose from her pod with a spring in her step. It was a bit confusing, but she didn't mind. She worked in a distribution center, well in the processing center. She had a good desk job where she helped make sure resources were evenly distributed to the different compounds across the globe. And sure, it was doing good work, and she was lucky she wasn't in a factory or waste processing, but her desk job could suck the life out of her soul. So an extra spring was very welcomed when she arrived to her desk and saw the hundreds of messages waiting for her. She looked at the clock. Five more hours until the stars. 

Phillip was back in the field. He never used his days off. He didn't know what he'd do. Growing up, he had loved to read. He always had his nose in a book. He'd explore the moons of Jupiter, the depths of the sea, the top of chilling mountains, and treks through the barren dessert. He was an explorer, a detective, a millionaire. He could go wherever he wanted and be whoever he wanted. He was inspired and learned everything he could, took every opportunity that came his way. Anything to live like one of the characters in his book. But that had changed now. He didn't care for books anymore. They taunted all the things he couldn't do or see. So he went back out to the field, and did the same thing he did every day. And so it was with surprise that half way through the day, a man in a suit came up and asked Phillip to follow him. 

Alice was finishing up her work day when the notification popped up on her screen. It had a cryptic message, and having always been a perfectionist, Alice was afraid she had done something very wrong. She walked quickly with her head down, hoping no one would see her entering the office. When she knocked on the door, she was invited in. Alice took a seat, looked her boss straight in the eye and asked "What did I do wrong?"
 "Wrong?" she laughed, "It's quite the opposite. You've got an almost perfect record. I called you in to let you know that I put in your record to be considered for a new position at Horizon."
"That's very sweet but we both know-"
"They want to offer it to you." 
Alice's jaw dropped. Horizon was a special part of the globe, it was perpetually sunrise- or maybe sunset. Either way, they took the best of the best of every department and together, the group found ways to improve the world. The ideas and projects that came out of Horizon were legendary. They were the ones who developed most efficient way to clean the planet's water supply when it was polluted in the destruction. They perfect a distribution system to give all communities access to basic needs, education, and an opportunity to work. They adapted technology to the changes of the magnetic poles faster than any other company- and gave everyone access to it. They offered solutions to some of the world's toughest problems, and everyone wanted to go there. And in a week, Alice would.

Phillip scoffed. He was strong. They didn't name the position, and so it was probably a labor intensive position stuffed away in the basement. The man in the suit was very passive. He didn't make a face or react and Phillip thought it over. He decided he would turn it down. What good would it be to work at Horizon if it was just a different labor job. The man in the suit sense his skepticism, and began to talk about the benefits of Horizon. Phillip went to cut him off with a hard no. And then that little boy, the dreamer took over. When Phillip opened his mouth he simply said "I'll take it."